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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Put More Money in Your Magic Wallet With These Cost Busters! By Bradlley Mckoy

When you start noticing that your magic wallet seems to have lost its magic, er, contents faster than usual, blame the recession, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, job cuts, and even your Joneses neighbor for keeping such high standards for you to keep up with. But that's counterproductive!

Instead, you need to look into your own spending habits and lifestyle patterns to keep as much money as possible sticking to your magic wallet. Here then are practical cost busters that you can follow to save more money. At least, you can thank the recession for imparting thrifty ways!

Cut Back On Spending

Cutting back on spending is so obvious it is almost embarrassing to say it here. Still, it is an idea that can be difficult to take root in a mind accustomed to plenty in the land of milk and honey. Now is the time to spend less than you earn and stop living beyond your wildest dreams, even when you fancy your magic wallet to be truly magical.

There are, however, little things that can put more money into your magic wallet than you ever thought possible:

* Opt for tap water instead of bottled water
* Brew your own coffee instead of going to one of the popular caf's
* Discard extended warranties since the products already have one-year basic warranties
* Eat the more affordable conventional produce instead of the organic ones - the difference in risk and benefits are negligible while the prices are not
* Choose more affordable utility services like the Internet and cable services, including VoIP
* Listen to free music and read free magazines - the Internet is full of options to feed your mind and soul

Stay Healthy

Just imagine the savings you will accumulate when you stay healthy the whole year round! Of course, some illnesses cannot be prevented but for those that can be, do everything you can to do so.

Stop smoking because the risks for common respiratory diseases like colds and cough, not to mention other diseases like mouth sores, increase with each huff and puff you take. Stop drinking alcohol because not only does it cost money to buy drinks for the whole gang but it also will cost your liver irreversible damage. Double whammy!

And you need not even spend on gym membership to get your exercise. You can save as much as $250 when you cancel your membership and substitute brisk walking, jogging, furniture-lifting and doing household chores as exercises instead.

Stay Married

For many reasons, staying married is cheaper than being single. For one thing, divorces nowadays are very expensive especially when lawyer fees, alimonies, and child support are considered. Besides, starting a new life can cost you - new house, new furniture, and new worries over money matters!

For another thing, sharing the cost of living - rent or mortgage, food and clothing, utilities and the little luxuries in life - is easier on two incomes in one magic wallet. Besides, with today's gloomy economy, living life as a single parent can be tough.

However, this is not to say that you should stay within an abusive marriage, far from it. Your emotional happiness and physical safety are still more important than the contents your magic wallet.

Find pocket watches, letter openers and your preferred magic wallet at, all at affordable prices. Visit them now!

The Magic of Making Money By Sean J Graham

Do you want to start your own internet home based business, but don't know which one to choose? In these challenging times, people need stability and security as well as a solid method of producing income. Using the internet, you are able to target millions of people with one single click of a button and the world is yours. The internet has a stream of resources which provides information to millions of people each and every second.

With the internet being so popular, every one wants a piece of the pie and this presents a problem. The question that you need to ask yourself is which internet based businesses out there will work for you and which ones will not? When studying the internet one will find that three systems have stood out above all the rest. The three include the ClickBank Code, the Maverick and most importantly,the #1 Paid Survey system.

The ClickBank Code is a system that can make you money virtually overnight. This system teaches simple techniques to promote thousands of products using the internet. The Maverick in itself is another system that teaches you techniques to use to promote products on the internet. This system uses the same concept as The ClickBank Code. It teaches the user to use promotional techniques to take a simple product and project it world wide. Where The ClickBank Code and the Maverick use modern techniques to promote products, the #1 Paid Survey system is as simple as answering basic questions. The system presents questions with a,b,or c answers and pays you for your response.

With these three systems, The ClickBank Code and the Maverick use the same idea as other internet systems, however they have developed two unique techniques that are tested redundantly and have been proven to produce huge profits. Most importantly, the 1# Paid Survey system is a system that presents questions while paying you for your opinion. Answering simple a,b,c questions will put money in your pocket.

On the internet market today there are thousands of money making systems. Three of them outshine the others. The ClickBank Code, the Maverick, and the #1 Paid Survey systems have always shined above the rest in their field. With this being said, if you are looking into developing your own internet home based business, I suggest utilizing the top quality systems of The ClickBank Code or the Maverick as they will bring in a steady flow of capital and the #1 Paid Survey system will increase your profits simply for responding to questions. Working at home using the internet allows you to be your own boss, using 1 of these systems gives you the stability and security.

The Clickbank Code the Maverick and the #1 Paid Survey systems are the most effective internet systems in the market today. At you can learn the finer details about these 3 unique systems.

What Does it Take to Make Money With the Forex Magic Machine? By Jeffrey Adams

There are many ways that people can earn money in the world in investments. You can invest in the stock market, buy and sell real estate, invest in commodities like oil and gold, and buy and sell currency on the foreign exchange. This type of investing is called Forex trading. Forex trading can be done by anyone at anytime, anywhere in the world. It doesn't require a special license or training, just an account with a Forex brokerage and a small deposit to start your trading with.

The great thing about Forex trading, however, is also the biggest danger in it. Making money with Forex trading requires hard work, commitment, research and learning from qualified professionals, like the man who created The Forex Magic Machine, so you have the tools you need to succeed. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen too often. Many people will jump into the Forex trading world and immediately begin making trades one right after another. This is a very dangerous practice, as many of these people find themselves losing a lot of money and eventually giving up.

The Forex trading market, while easy to get started, is complex and diverse. So, what does it take to make money with Forex trading? Are there any guidelines that someone can do to help them succeed?

1. Sign Up With A Good Broker

Your trading goes through a Forex broker, so choosing one that will help you the most is something you will want to put importance on. A good Forex broker will teach you along the way, have training programs set up, provide demo accounts, and even provide software for you to do your trading with. Look into their reputation, and level of competence in helping their clients earn more money.

2. Watch Trends

One of the biggest ways that Forex traders make money is by watching the trends that are going in the exchange rates. Once they spot one, most of the time using an automated trading robot like Forex Magic Machine, they buy and hold it until the trend either breaks away or starts to decline. These trends are what the entire Forex trading world is about. Learn how to read them, and how to work them in order to have better success.

3. Automate Your Trades

Forex trading is a 24-hour a day activity. You can be making trades early in the morning, late in the afternoon, during evening hours, or even after midnight. Trades are happening on a global scale by millions of people. This can affect things rather quickly. However, there are times when you are not going to be able to be there to see this happening or get in on a starting trend when it begins. An automated robot, a great example of this is Forex Magic Machine, can make the trades for you depending on certain parameters and information.

Forex trading is a very lucrative investment activity. People have been making a great living at it for decades. Getting started is quite easy, but make sure you follow some important guidelines and continue to learn on a continuing basis.

Plan and decide carefully what Forex Trading System you choose to work with.

Top Rated Forex Trading Systems help you do just that with Real Customer Reviews. Jump in and see what consumers have to say about Forex Magic Machine and other related forex trading systems.

Visit to read real and honest independent customer reviews and feedback. Please feel free to submit your own reviews on forex trading products.

Magic Potion to Attract Money By Alison Yates

You should do everything you can to attract money and success. Every thought and every action should be driving you to success and wealth, both materially and spiritually. You should invoke the help and assistance of everyone and everything you can.

On a spiritual level, try this wonderful Witches brew money potion and ritual to attract money to you. You can drink it on its own or to accompany a Money Spell you are casting. It tastes good too!

Like all Money Spells this ritual is best begun during a Waxing Moon, the time when the Moon looks to be growing larger in the sky.

Recipe for Money Tea

Prepare a mix of the following dried herbs, and place them in a bowl.

3 teaspoons Mint
3 teaspoons Sage
2 teaspoons Rosemary
1 teaspoons Thyme

Mix the herbs with a wooden spoon, and as you do so, think of the abundant wealth you want to attract to you. Take care with this part of the process and focus on why exactly you want to draw money towards you. When you are ready say aloud 3 times:

Mix and combine to bring to me
Abundant wealth for all to see!

The blend should give you enough blended money tea for nine days.

Each evening for nine consecutive days pour half a cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of the blend. Allow to steep for five minutes. Add honey to taste if you wish.

Sip the tea and say 3 times aloud:

As I sip this money brew
Bring money and wealth to accrue
Harming none and helping me
So mote it be!

Repeat this process for another eight days.

Good luck!

Alison Yates wrote this article. To learn more about her Spells visit

Autoresponder Magic - How to Create Autoresponder Email Campaigns That Make Money Online By Fabio Marciano

I cringe every time I hear someone say "the money is in the list" because the person in question usually thinks that you can show up online, build a list by doing nothing and make money on autopilot while you sleep. This is a pipe dream. The truth is that it takes hard work to build a list online and it takes even more work to make money online.

The good news is that the hard work does not have to last forever and you do not have to work crazy hours every day to create your online business. All you have to do is set-up your lead generation system; capture your prospect's contact information and follow-up with them.

Now this might seem like a lot of work, but the thanks to autoresponders, 2 of the 3 steps can be automated. Here is how:

1. Get Traffic - This task is up to you. You can write articles, post on blogs or online forums, take advantage of pay-per-click advertising, do joint venture deals or go after big name affiliate marketers. Any of the above will do. Just choose your favorite tactic and put it in place. This is your Lead Generation system.

2. Capture Them - When your prospects get to your website, you want to capture their names and email addresses. Autoresponder services like or make this real easy to do.

Just create a new email list (also called a campaign) in your control panel, copy the HTML code they provide and paste it on your website. You will instantly create a place for your prospect to put their name, email address and submit their information to you. There is only one more step left to make money on the internet...

3. Follow-Up Frequently - The last step in the process is to follow-up with your prospects on a consistent basis. You want to provide great content to your subscribers by helping them with their problems, giving them useful resources and links they can use and providing other information on your niche topic.

Another cliche phrase is "the fortune is in the follow-up" which is exactly what happens when you follow-up and connect with your subscribers frequently - you will make a fortune.

If you do not have an autoresponder service yet, you must sign up for one today since it is the backbone of your online business. The more emails and messages you upload to your autoresponder to send out automatically, the greater your chance to make money online, on autopilot!

What are you waiting for? Get started building your online email list today!

If you would like to learn more about list building and how to make money online from leveraging autoresponders, then grab my free Instant List Profits report.

Download it Free here:

Fabio Marciano - The List Profit Coach - is the author of over 45 ebooks who created 3 separate 20,000 member email lists.

Buy the Magic of Making Up - Don't Waste Your Money! By E Thomas

What you do right after the break up will affect your chances to get your ex back. You need to remember that the decisions you make today will determine where you will be tomorrow. If you do not know exactly what to do after a break up you could be setting yourself up for failure and not even realize it. You could buy advice from a relationship counselor for $100 a hour but that is unnecessary. The Magic Of Making Up will teach you exactly what any counselor would teach you.

Who Should Not Buy The Magic Of Making Up?

All the strategies and techniques in The Magic Of Making Up are very powerful. The Only kinds of people that should use The Magic Of Making Up would have to know for sure that they really want to get their ex back. If you are not sure if you want to get back with your ex then you should probably not use The Magic Of Making Up.

T.W. Jackson has been dealing with people's relationships his whole life. He has made videos that are on the internet and they tell you how to get your ex back. In all of his videos he gives away valuable advice. T.W. Jackson also has a email and phone number on his website if you want to try and contact him. The Magic Of Making Up has three books that come with it. All of his books together make a complete system. This complete system covers just about every possible situation during a break up.

You can read my free guide that gives you a plan and walks you through the process of a break up.

Free Guide Here: Buy Magic Of Making Up

The Magic Of Making Up has been available since 2007. A lot of people have had success and there are a lot of people that think it cant work for there situation. If you want to find out more about this book and if it can help your situation with your ex then go here to find out if you should Buy Magic Of Making Up

Magic, Love and Money Spells in the Form of Chants By Saulat Khan

Magic Spells whether they are Love or Money Spells have done wonders when they are in the form of chants.

How Magic Spells in the form of chanting improves Your mental and Physical Performance.

This is the Magic Chant


The literal translation of the above power chant is not necessary to its effectiveness, but for the benefit of those who would like to know what it means.



I have seen these simple but powerful chant work miracles in the lives of businessmen, housewives, convicts dope addicts, priests, probably explainable by some Tibetan Lama; but that it works is have shown that the metabolic rate goes down during meditative chanting. University studies show that oxygen consumption during chanting reaches a level which is found in other people only after they had about seven hours sleep. Who doesn't want a "good nights sleep" in 20 or 30 minutes?

What this can mean to you is at once exciting and earth-shaking. Chanting can change your blood composition and increase your alpha brain waves. Consequently, you increase your physical and mental performance because of the new peace you experience within. Meditative chanting clears on the psyche, so to speak, and permits new energies to flow through into your daily life. You can tap the vast reservoir of unused mental capacity by chanting.

Chants That Expand Awareness, Clarify Thought, and Enhance Creativity

Say this Chant
Guru, Guru. Light my Life
Guru, Guru, lift my heart
Guru, Guru, all-knowing Guru
Show me in, show me out.

Chants of this type put you in touch with your inner self, help you to tap creative energy, permit you to function under stress and strain daily living. The following chants are at your disposal, to help you achieve the peace which precedes action, fulfillment, and effectiveness.

Chants for Relieving Stress
Void, void, void is pressure
Take away, take away, take away all
Void, void, void is heaviness
Take away, take away, take away all.

I am calm, calm, calm
Restful, peaceful, tranquil
Pressures come, pressures go
I am calm, calm, calm.

Pac, O Pac, god of Peace
I intone your name for rest and ease
(Repeat ten times in a hushed whisper.)

Begone, stress; begone, O strain
Relieve me now of pressing pair;
Begone, O burden: begone, O toil
Implant my very peace in willing soil.

Whispering palms of peace and rest come waiting through my very being like gentle wings of doves of love.

Chants for Improved Efficiency
Ability, ability, fill my veins, Stability, stability, be my reins. Give me peace, give me power, sharpen my wits, heighten my capacity. Ability, stability, capability are mine this day.

I am restful, peaceful, better and greater. Creative thought emerges from within, increases my powers, lifts me up.

Rest, peace, efficiency, mine to have, mine to hold, mine to use.

Competence, skill, ingenuity and talent, give to me excellence, achievement, and success. Fill me, lift me, imbue me, pervade ,e. Competence, skill, ingenuity and talent, be friendly and gracious to me this day.

Chants for Well-Being

Tranquility, silence, quietude, health. These I make my own; these I conjure for aid, support, and succor. Peace is mine, strength is mine, effectiveness is mine.

Energy charging
Ideas enlarging
Focus pointing
My efforts anointing.

Stillness to my mind, rest to my body, height to my spirit, nimbleness to my fingers, adroitness to my movement, excellence to my act. Strength to my muscle, vitality to my blood, life to my limb, power to my brain.

When you first start chanting, extraneous thoughts may interferes with your progress, but with perseverance and determination, you will eventually find yourself floating in free space, so to speak-by passing your thoughts, more aware of the you inside your body. This is called the state of being, a psychic condition which is conducive to the peace and power you want. How you position yourself in order to chant depends entirely on you. Some chanters like to sit straight in a char (not rigidly), close their eyes and intone the chant. But I know people who chant mentally and quite well in subways, buses, automobiles, and in offices during working hours.

Power Chants That Draw Invisible Forces to You.

This brings me to those chants which can channel superhuman powers and direct them to you, to anyone who wants to change his life, remove obstacles to progress, better himself, disarm enemies or simply feel healthier, stronger and more able. I placed the "Peace Chants" first because we are all familiar with what happens when the non peaceful misuse power. Chant the foregoing chants regularly, get yourself in a state of higher being, and then use the following Power Chants to get what you want out of life.

Whatever your individual need may be - a stronger body, help to overcome odds, a defense against negative people, psychic support.

Article Source:

Marriage, Magic, and Mozart's Music - And Money Making, Too! By Marciano Guerrero

Although more than fifty years have gone by, the magic moment that Mary Patricia came into my life is as fresh as the morning dew, as clear as spring water, and yet just as warm as a mild fever. In my freshman year at Columbia College, with the pressures of final exams upon me, as I looked for a secluded spot to study I found myself in Avery Hall, where the music practice rooms were located. Mozart's magical music flowed from one of the rooms; it was the adagio of Piano Sonata No. 12.

Of course I learned that bit of information much later, since in those years I had no idea who Mozart was. Noticing that the pianist was repeating the adagio over and over I sat on the floor right outside the door and listened to it. Two hours later, the budding and determined concert pianist stepped around me, for I was glued to the spot, and gave me a quizzical look.

"I didn't want to disturb you," I said. "What is the name of that song you played for two hours?" "It's not a song, and you've been here two hours?"

Oh, heavenly bliss! Her voice was even sweeter than the music I had just heard. My musical ignorance, my heavy Spanish accent, and my less than imposing appearance gained her trust, for from that magic moment on Mary Patricia and I became inseparable lifetime sojourners.

Today as we enjoy our golden years, three children on their own, and two grandchildren to lavish love and gifts on, I feel that --free will notwithstanding- the touch of an angel nudges us humans in different directions. When Mary Patricia and I discuss the statistics that more than half of the people who get married end up divorcing, we are seized with infinite sadness.

I cannot imagine for one instant life without my beloved partner.

This is a story narrated in first person voice, so I cannot tell you what other people's feelings, thoughts, and attitudes toward life are. What follows are some of the canons that have guided my life in my marriage.

Because Mary Patricia likes to eat fruit every day, I made it a point to always bring home an apple, bananas, grapes, or cantaloupes. Of course I knew she went to the market and picked her own fruit. My gesture, though, was more spiritual than nutritional-never come home empty handed. Early in our marriage I learned that Mary Patricia wished to be consulted in all my decisions, no matter how petty or insignificant. So, I made the promise to myself that not only would I consult with her, but I would over consult.

Over consult I did. Except for that one time when I impulsively bought her a second piano. Not that she wasn't appreciative, but she let me know that had she been consulted she would have told me that she was pregnant with our third child and that it was time to save rather than to spend.

"With three children to support and put through Barnard College, you need to earn more money," she said.

Having already two girls, she was looking forward to a third one. "Why not Columbia College?" I asked, sounding like the ever macho-man from South America.

At that point in my career (30 years ago) I had been promoted to corporate controller and was earning a little under $100,000 a year. To my accountant's mind, that was a pretty good darn amount. And I considered myself a good provider. Yet hubris overcame my good sense and for a couple of weeks I chewed on the cud of resentment at the implication that I wasn't earning enough money.

Then one good day, Mary Patricia noticing my moodiness, said, "Money making will come easily to you when you think of those about you-not yourself. If I can see that you can, too."

That did it! I had been thinking of my own wonderful self and not of my loved ones. So I told Mary Patricia I would give up my job and I would become an investment banker. Without hesitation she agreed. That same day she went to the Coliseum Bookstore (Columbus Circle, long gone by now) and purchased all the necessary textbooks for me to study and pass the registered representative exams.

That evening she handed me the books and I handed her a colorful dish of juicy, sweet, diced cantaloupe, honey dew, and water melon--all laced with Merlot. To cap the evening she played for me the Mozart's adagio that had sent chills up my spine that fated day when I saw her for the first time. What did I see in her? Did I see the face of an angel, or the face of my mother whom I had left behind to come to this country? God only knows. If every man has an ideal image of a perfect woman, Mary Patricia was and is my "imago."

Today Mary Patricia no longer plays the piano, for her arthritis has invaded her legs and arms. The good Lord smiled on me and made me an even bigger provider, for my career blossomed and I retired a wealthy investment banker. We've sent our children to Ivy schools, have college funds for the grandchildren, and we live in a grand neighborhood with fine neighbors. Mary Patricia -a child of an old patrician wasp family from Boston-- reassures me that she married up when she married me - "a poor immigrant boy from the Andes."

Last Sunday after church we went to the street fair on Madison Avenue, not far from where we live on Park Avenue. To tell the truth, I can't think of a better way to spend a glorious afternoon in New York City than at a street fair.

And I pushed Mary Patricia's wheel chair the whole length of the fair-all twenty blocks.

Retired. Former investment banker, Columbia University-educated, Vietnam Vet (67-68). For the writing techniques I use, see Mary Duffy's e-book: Sentence Openers

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Clickbank Business Review and Bonus by season

My ClickBank Business is Product by Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones.

Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones are successful Internet marketers with lots of experience, promoting and selling products in multiple niches including Affiliate Marketing, Forex Trading, Sports Betting, Relationship Advice, Health & Fitness, Personal Finance and Guitar Training.

They are known better as the authors and creators of best selling Internet marketing products like:

* Google Ambush * Google Massacre and * Google Magic Formula.

These guys certainly know their stuff when it comes to making money online.

My Clickbank Business is basically niche marketing on steroids.

It is a big package and course that helps you generate your own niche marketing website.

So What The Heck’s My Clickbank Business?

Do names like Clickbank, Ebay, and Amazon ring a bell?

Well if they do, then I’m sure you understand the Niche Marketing sites.

To put it simply, the authors of this comprehensive package have synthesized all the powerful niche marketing features and functions to create the most comprehensive package ever made available to the ClickBank marketplace.

How Does My ClickBank Business Fit Into The Story?

My ClickBank Business helps you build affiliate niche marketing your own online business websites in a costless and effortless and individually-tailored way.

My ClickBank Business will enjoy the benefits of networking membership and niche marketing site that they can easily develop themselves, and the dedicated different channels for commercialization within affiliate marketing that will get them generating income at will.

With your own My Clickbank Business package, you’ll build a group of people interested in your product and you can sell to them over and over again.

My ClickBank Business comes with a lot of features to help you make money with your niche online business.

Tools to Help you Market Online by Carson Ray

Who doesn't want inexpensive internet marketing tools? In this day and age when advertising your business online is the way to go, it's a must that you avail of internet marketing tools at the lowest cost possible. How can you avail of them? How can you make the most out of these low cost internet marketing tools?

These low cost internet marketing tools aim to better your website and promote them thoroughly. Read on to know more about them:

1. Software

There is software specializing in internet marketing. These programs are affordable internet marketing tools. They attract traffic, communicate your site to anyone online, harness and trim down your keywords, track your site visitors and create links to other sites. Of course, the phrase "low cost" emphasizes that you must not spend exorbitantly. Watch out for internet marketing tools that do nothing but suck your budget.

2. Website packages

Take note of low cost internet marketing tools that do the following: hosting and designing your site, getting your domain, offering technical help, configure and upload your files, campaigning for your traffic. These are available in website packages that you can avail of anytime. Choose a package caters to your site's needs.

3. Mailing lists

Notice that when you visit the Bulk Mail folder of your email, you read nothing but website promotions. That's email marketing? It boosts your business like no other. Don't worry about spamming. There's such a thing as "safe lists" that make your mails spam-free. This is so easy to obtain. Look for mailing lists for sale and let the fun of emailing begin.

4. Data Submitters

This is a money-saving internet marketing tool that works like magic. Have a data submitter of your own and amass tremendously huge hits!

5. E-books

Integrate an e-book in your site for people to download. At such a cheap price, you keep people clamoring for more and visiting your site in the process. That's one affordable internet marketing tool for you.

6. SEO tools

Internet marketing is not complete without the standard SEO tools. Search engines remain as the major powerhouse in marketing so never leave this part out. Generate traffic through this effective low cost internet marketing tool!

Here's a reminder: when you see the low cost internet marketing tool banners online, never get persuaded easily. Study the package deals; analyze the contents and benefits before deciding if you want one.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Penuhkan akaun bank anda dengan ledakkan wang segera
melalui sistem buat duit paling senang pernah anda temui...

"Laporan PERCUMA Membongkar
Rahsia Kekayaan Yang Disimpan
Rapi Oleh Orang Kaya... Dan
Mereka Tidak Mahu Anda Tahu!

Sahabat Internet Yang DiHormati,

Dalam masa beberapa minit dari sekarang, anda akan menerima satu laporan eksklusif Buat Duit DiRumah yang membongkar RAHSIA DALAMAN...

"100,000+ List Dan RM753,855 DiBank!"

Bagaimana saya membina ledakan 100,000 list dan menjana jualan RM753,855 dalam masa singkat, dengan teknik pemasaran internet pros yang belum pernah anda saksikan sebelum ini! Sila lihat penyata maybank2u dan CIMBClicks saya terkini sebagai bukti selepas saya menggunakan Formula jana Duit ini.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Email Deliverability Tips

Posted by Tom Kulzer (AWeber CEO)

Ensuring requested opt-in email is delivered to subscriber inboxes is an increasingly difficult battle in the age of spam filtering. Open and click thru response rates can be dramatically affected by as much as 20-30% due to incorrect spam filter classification.


Confirming that the people who ask for your information have actually requested to be on your list is the number one step in the battle for deliverability. You should be using a process called confirmed opt-in or verified opt-in to send a unique link to the attempted subscriber when they request information. Before adding the person to your list they must click that unique link verifying that they are indeed the same person that owns the email address and requested to subscribe.

Subscriber Addresses

When requesting website visitors to opt-in ask for their “real” or “primary” email address instead of a free email address like Yahoo or Hotmail. Free emails tend to be throw away accounts and typically have a shorter lifetime than a primary ISP address.

List Maintenance

Always promptly remove undeliverable addresses that bounce when sending email to them. An address that bounces with a permanent error 2-3 times in a 30 day period should be removed from the list. ISP’s track what percentage of your newsletters bounce and will block them if you attempt to continually deliver messages to closed subscriber mailboxes.

Message Format

Usage of HTML messages to allow for text formatting, multiple columns, images, and brand recognition is growing in popularity and is widely supported by most email client software. Most spam is also HTML formatted and thus differentiating between requested email and spam HTML messages can be difficult. A 2004 study by AWeber .com shows that plain text messages are undeliverable 1.15% of the time and HTML only messages were undeliverable 2.3%. If sending HTML it is important to always send a plain text alternative message, also called text/HTML multi-part mime format.


Many ISP’s filter based on the content that appears within the message text.

    Website URL:

    Research potential newsletter advertisers before allowing them to place ads in your newsletter issues. If they have used their website URL to send spam, just having their URL appear in your newsletter could cause the entire message to be filtered.


    Choose your language carefully when crafting messages. Avoid hot button topics often found in spam such as medication, mortgages, making money, and pornography. If you do need to use words that might be filtered, don’t attempt to obfuscate words with extra characters or odd spelling, you’ll just make your messages appear more spam like.


    Avoid creating messages that are entirely images. Use images sparingly, if at all. Commonly used open rate tracking technology uses images to calculate opens. You may choose to disable open rate tracking to avoid being filtered based on image content.


    With viruses running rampant and spreading thru the usage of malicious email attachments many users are wary of attached documents. It’s often better to link to files via a website URL to reduce recipient fear of attachments and reduce the overall message size.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

The January 2004 Federal CAN-SPAM law introduced a number of rules regarding the delivery of email. It’s important you have your legal counsel review your practices and ensure you are in compliance. The two most important rules include having a valid postal mail address listed in all commercial messages and a working unsubscribe link that is promptly honored to remove the subscriber from future messages.


Reputation services are often used by large ISP’s as a way to vet email senders regarding their email practices and policies. Businesses listed with these services are then given less stringent filtering or no filtering at all. Several reputation services are:


Relationships & Whitelisting

Contact with major ISP’s and email providers is essential in letting them know about your requested subscriber email. Many large providers such as AOL and Yahoo have specific whitelisting programs and postmaster website areas to ensure your email is delivered as long as you meet their policies and procedures in handling your opt-in list.

Email deliverability is about ensuring requested opt-in email is delivered to the intended recipient. While no single tip will enable you to get 100% of your email delivered each one utilized as a group can go a long way to reaching that goal.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eclectic Comic Book Money Clips

There's a great deal of variety out there in money clip products, so much so that it's sometimes difficult to know everything that's currently available. I constantly find myself surprised by just what I see, especially when I'm in a location where a money clip sighting is unexpected. This very scenario struck me the other day at my local hobby shop, where I found two new clips that certainly made their way into my eclectic collection. These designs were inspired by some of my favorite comic book heroes - Batman and Superman. Who wouldn't want their money protected by the Man of Steel?

The Superman money clip came in an elegant stainless steel design which features smooth, sleek sides. The Superman crest or shield was emblazoned on the side in gold in an unabashed yet graceful way that simply cries out to be regaled. I found the money clip to take the best features of my childhood hero and apply them to the unique function of holding money. The simple, yet bold, design choices really symbolize the well known countenance and style of Superman himself. The best part to me is that the clip isn't gaudy. By choosing a more simplistic design, the manufacturer really went for the classy approach, and it's much appreciated. Every time that I look at the money clip, I smile a little as I remember my childhood cheerfully. While it may not be for the every day use of the casual businessperson, it's certainly a welcome addition to my personal collection at home.

The other clip which caught my eye was a carbon fiber money clip shaped like a Batarang from the Batman Begins movie. This really catches your attention with the striking curves of the carbon fiber material. Carbon fiber clips are definitely the up and coming style, and to see one fashioned just like one of Batman's most infamous tools was amusing. The elegance of the black as midnight material really serves the tone and temperament of the Dark Knight well, and makes for a very fitting piece. The fact that it serves as a well crafted money clip just elevates it even further as a work of art. Without hesitation it was added to my ever growing eccentric collection of clips.

The great thing about money clips is that not all of them need to be adult oriented. While I chose these two clips for my collection, sitting on a shelf is hardly their only function. These money clips make great gifts for children or teenagers who are just starting to get used to having money around. The comic book designs are attractive to them and at the same time they begin to learn responsibility. A win for all generations!

Aaron Silvers is a money clip enthusiast who loves to write articles promoting their use and designs. He is the lead author at the Money Clip Tycoon, a website dedicated to all things money clip oriented.

Monday, June 15, 2009

How to Make Money Online Selling Stock Photos

It seems like almost everywhere you look these days someone has a digital camera and
is taking pictures non stop. If you’re one of those photo bugs who never gets enough of
taking pictures then a good way to turn your passion into profits is by becoming a stock

Stock photos are pictures that you allow a company to use for a commission. You may
receive a flat fee per photo that is accepted or a commission on each download of your
photo. Stock photography companies offer paid memberships to customers in the
graphics or photography industry. Their membership fee allows them a certain number
of credits that they may use to purchase the photos that they need for a particular

There are lots of stock photo companies around today such as:
You can take a look at each to determine which you prefer. One major feature that I like
about Shutterstock above the others is that they have a forum where designers request
the specific photos that they want. Other sites have forums but none that I’ve seen
make it so easy to know exactly what will sell. When you know just what the designers
are looking for you’ll what photos to submit and get paid a lot more money.
Make Money Online with eBooks

Right now is one of the best times in Internet marketing history to make a ton of money
online with ebooks. Even with the popularity of audio and video products ebooks remain
a staple of online publishing and they’ll be around forever.

Ebooks offer a quick and easy way for prospects to learn about a hot topic. Here’s the
deal…you don’t even have to be an expert on the subject to provide the information. It’s
a good idea that you do have some degree of interest in the subject but you don’t have
to be the leading expert. You just need to know how to help the audience get the
information that they want.

By providing that information you gain the customer’s trust and become the one that
they’re likely to make a purchase from. That’s how ebooks become your sales
machines. They go where you may never go and reach customers for you.
Here’s a very easy way that you can get your ebook written and on the market in the
shortest time possible.

Start with private label rights articles and you can have an ebook in just a few hours. I’m
a huge fan of private label rights materials. They give you loads of prewritten
information on almost every subject that you can imagine. This can save you lots of
hours otherwise spent researching and writing about your topic. It’s much easier to start
with a group of PLR articles and rewrite them rather than starting from scratch.
There are a boat load of places online where you can purchase PLR articles either as
part of a subscription or in small packs. I have to warn you to be careful because ALL
PLR IS NOT CREATED EQUALLY. In fact, most of the plr articles that you’ll find online
now are just a bunch of garbage.

That’s why one of my favorite PLR sites is Tiffany Dow’s PLR Minimart. If you’re not
familiar with Tiffany then maybe I should tell you that she’s also known as the
“ghostwriter to the gurus”. Before becoming a full time marketer, Tiffany was the
ghostwriter behind some of the most successful ebook released by well known internet
marketing gurus. Her research and writing style are both first class and her articles will
help you create a quality product. Check Tiffany out at

Whether you use articles from the minimart or somewhere else, just be sure to use high
quality PLR articles. This will ensure that you give your customers a lot more
information than they actually paid for. Make your ebook one that stands out in the
crowd and become something that customers tell their friends and business partners
about. That’s how you create customer loyalty and build a good reputation online. The
key to getting good results is to start out with good PLR articles from the beginning and

putting your own unique touch on them. The time that you spend putting together a
good product will pay off in more sales and fewer refunds.
After rewriting your material into an ebook find about 4-5 affiliate programs and include
the links throughout the ebook…just don’t over do it. You don’t want your ebook to
become one big sales pitch. Let the affiliate links ADD VALUE not take it away.
Menjana $1 Juta Dollar Daripada Kesilapan

Stan Miller suka mengumpul kata-kata pujangga. Beliau mula mengumpul ketika berumur 16 tahun lagi sehiggalah selepas berkahwin. Semasa perayaan krismas, beliau dan isterinya berhasrat untuk mengumpul kata-kata pujangga dan cerita untuk dijadikan hadiah krismas kepada kawan-kawan mereka. Beliau pergi ke kedai cetak dan bertanya berapakah harga cetakkan untuk 100 buah buku. Setiausaha dikedai tersebut memberitahu adalah lebih murah jika mencetak 1000 buah buku
sekaligus. Beliau memberi harga $1000 untuk 1000 buku cetakkan. Stan tertarik dengan harga
tersebut dan memesan 1000 buah. Tetapi apabila bil diterima, harganya ialah $10,000 dan
bukannya $1000! Setiausaha tadi telah tersilap meletakkan angka kosong!
Stan dan Sharon merasa hampa. Dalam keadaan terdesak, Stan membawa beberapa buku ke kedai
buku diuniversiti, tetapi mereka tidak mahu menjualnya. Tetapi pengurusnya bersetuju supaya Stan
meninggalkan beberapa buah buku tanpa mengambil wang pendahuluan. Apabila Stan datang
beberapa minggu kemudian, semua telah habis… memeranjatkan mereka semua. Buku tersebut
laris seperti goreng pisang panas dan sehingga kini lebih 1 juta buah buku telah terjual. Kisah ini
berlaku 25 tahun dahulu dan sehingga kini buku tersebut masih dijual. Kesilapan yang dilakukan
oleh setiausaha telah menghasilkan jutaan dollar. Buku tersebut bernama Especially for Mormons,
sehingga kini terdapat 5 edisi pujangga, cerita sebagai inspirasi kepada pembacanya.
RM450 Sehari Dengan Menjual Sehelai Kertas!

Tiada yang yang lebih baik dengan menjana RM450 sehari dengan hanya menjual sehelai kertas?
Bagaimana pula jika juga tidak perlu mengepos kertas tersebut, sebaliknya boleh dimuat turun
(download) daripada internet? Ianya adalah kisah benar! Ini kisah bagaimana sesorang telah
melakukannya dan anda juga boleh meniru teknik beliau!

Perkara begini mungkin masih belum lagi popular di Malaysia atau Brunei, tetapi saya percaya
ianya akan menjadi hangat sedikit masa lagi. Bukankah ini masanya untuk anda membuat

Apa yang anda perlukan ialah satu produk yang anda benar-benar seronok. Satu contoh yang boleh saya berikan ialah yang dipopularkan oleh Yanik Silver. Laman web ini menawarkan contoh-contoh surat profesional yang digunakan oleh ahli-ahli perniagaan. Katakan anda mempunyai restoran, anda boleh memilih surat daripada kategori restoran. Anda hanya perlu membuat sedikit perubahan dan poskan terus kepada bakal pelanggan anda, dan tanpa anda ketahui orang akan berebut-rebut datang ke restoran anda.
Laman web tersebut sungguh simple, dengan hanya satu mukasurat tanpa gambar langsung.
Apabila anda pergi melawat laman web tersebut, anda akan melihat satu surat jualan profesional.

Jika anda berminat dengan produk yang ditawarkan, anda boleh membeli secara terus dengan
menggunakan kad kredit dan dalam beberapa saat sahaja anda sudah boleh membaca produk
Perkara yang menakjubkan ialah laman web tersebut setakat ini sudah menjana RM450 sehari dan
kini jualannya telah mencecah RM500,000!
Idea yang bijak bukan?
Perkara yang menariknya ialah anda tidak perlu membuat salinan buku, ianya boleh dimuat terus
daripada internet. Bayaran anda pula akan didepositkan terus kedalam akaun bank anda.
Apa yang boleh anda buat dengan idea diatas?
Banyak maklumat yang boleh anda jual, antaranya:
· Resepi-resipi makanan
· Buku sekolah
· Cara membuat hiasan dalaman
· Teknik menganyam / kraftangan
· Cara menanam pokok bunga
Jutawan Muda 20 Tahun
Sesuatu inspirasi boleh dicetuskan daripada muzik, alam semulajadi, kasih sayang dan Farrah Gray. Pemuda ini telah mencapai sesuatu yang sungguh luar biasa ketika berumur hanya 20 tahun di dunia ini jika dibandingkan dengan orang lain sepanjang hidup mereka.
Baru-baru ini beliau telah menerima penghormatan antarabangsa melalui buku terbarunya
“Reallionaire : 9 Langkah Menjadi Kaya” dimana beliau menujukkan pengajaran yang beliau lalui
daripada seorang budak pejabat kepada status jutawan ketika berumur 14 tahun.

Beliau dilahirkan dalam keluarga yang susah. Beliau adalah anak bongsu yang tinggal dengan ibu
tunggal, dan apabila beliau mendapat tahu ibunya sakit tenat, beliau membuat keputusan untuk
untuk menolong beliau. Pada masa itu beliau berumur 6 tahun. Beliau menerima $50 yang pertama dengan menjual losyen badan daripada rumah ke rumah dengan harga $1.50 sebotol.
Ketika berumur 8 tahun beliau menubuhkan UNEEC (Urban Neighborhood Economic
Enterprise Club). Semasa berumur 10 tahun beliau menjadi juruhebah bersama dalam satu
rancangan radio yang popular, “Backstage Live” di Las Vegas. Ketika 14 tahun, beliau
menubuhkan pula NE2W U.S.A (New Early Entrepreneur Wonders University Student & Alumni)

satu badan yang mencari dana berpusat di Wall Street, New York.
Beliau menjadi jutawan apabila syarikat beliau Farr-Out Foods telah dijual pada harga $1.5 juta.
Ketika itu beliau berumur 14 tahun. Setahun kemudian beliau menjadi Pengarah termuda untuk
Yayasan Pernigaan Las Vegas. Kemudian 3 tahun kemudian beliau menjadi Pengarah United Way,
orang termuda yang menjadi pengarah diseluruh Amerika.
Semasa berumur 16 tahun, beliau membeli syarikat INNERCITY Magazine daripada ICBC, satu
syarikat radio terbesar di Amerika.

Saya masih lagi belum membaca buku beliau “Reallionaire” tetapi ianya mengisahkan kehidupan
beliau daripada projek diChicago sehingga ke Las Vegas, dimana ketika berumur 20 tahun, beliau mempunyai syarikat majalah sendiri dan melabur dalam bidang hartanah dan menjadi ahli National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. Beliau merupakan salah satu inspirasi kepada kita semua, betapa umur dan pelajaran bukanlah
menjadi penghalang untuk mencapai status jutawan. Farrah Gray telah membuktikan bahawa
sesiapa sahaja boleh berjaya jika bersungguh sungguh dalam setiap bidang yang diceburi.