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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eclectic Comic Book Money Clips

There's a great deal of variety out there in money clip products, so much so that it's sometimes difficult to know everything that's currently available. I constantly find myself surprised by just what I see, especially when I'm in a location where a money clip sighting is unexpected. This very scenario struck me the other day at my local hobby shop, where I found two new clips that certainly made their way into my eclectic collection. These designs were inspired by some of my favorite comic book heroes - Batman and Superman. Who wouldn't want their money protected by the Man of Steel?

The Superman money clip came in an elegant stainless steel design which features smooth, sleek sides. The Superman crest or shield was emblazoned on the side in gold in an unabashed yet graceful way that simply cries out to be regaled. I found the money clip to take the best features of my childhood hero and apply them to the unique function of holding money. The simple, yet bold, design choices really symbolize the well known countenance and style of Superman himself. The best part to me is that the clip isn't gaudy. By choosing a more simplistic design, the manufacturer really went for the classy approach, and it's much appreciated. Every time that I look at the money clip, I smile a little as I remember my childhood cheerfully. While it may not be for the every day use of the casual businessperson, it's certainly a welcome addition to my personal collection at home.

The other clip which caught my eye was a carbon fiber money clip shaped like a Batarang from the Batman Begins movie. This really catches your attention with the striking curves of the carbon fiber material. Carbon fiber clips are definitely the up and coming style, and to see one fashioned just like one of Batman's most infamous tools was amusing. The elegance of the black as midnight material really serves the tone and temperament of the Dark Knight well, and makes for a very fitting piece. The fact that it serves as a well crafted money clip just elevates it even further as a work of art. Without hesitation it was added to my ever growing eccentric collection of clips.

The great thing about money clips is that not all of them need to be adult oriented. While I chose these two clips for my collection, sitting on a shelf is hardly their only function. These money clips make great gifts for children or teenagers who are just starting to get used to having money around. The comic book designs are attractive to them and at the same time they begin to learn responsibility. A win for all generations!

Aaron Silvers is a money clip enthusiast who loves to write articles promoting their use and designs. He is the lead author at the Money Clip Tycoon, a website dedicated to all things money clip oriented.

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