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Monday, June 15, 2009

How to Make Money Online Selling Stock Photos

It seems like almost everywhere you look these days someone has a digital camera and
is taking pictures non stop. If you’re one of those photo bugs who never gets enough of
taking pictures then a good way to turn your passion into profits is by becoming a stock

Stock photos are pictures that you allow a company to use for a commission. You may
receive a flat fee per photo that is accepted or a commission on each download of your
photo. Stock photography companies offer paid memberships to customers in the
graphics or photography industry. Their membership fee allows them a certain number
of credits that they may use to purchase the photos that they need for a particular

There are lots of stock photo companies around today such as:
You can take a look at each to determine which you prefer. One major feature that I like
about Shutterstock above the others is that they have a forum where designers request
the specific photos that they want. Other sites have forums but none that I’ve seen
make it so easy to know exactly what will sell. When you know just what the designers
are looking for you’ll what photos to submit and get paid a lot more money.

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